We serving the seniors

Just like every human being is different from another, so are their needs and even the level of care they require in their old age. While it might be sufficient for some to let someone help with household chores and arrange for a bimonthly doctor visit, others may look for a place where they can get all services under continuous observation of medical specialists. It is not always possible to give the appropriate care in a family as normally people lack the professional training that makes one a ‘Care Specialist’. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined towards hiring care givers or subscribing to senior placement services.

Mimi Medinger worked as a care giver until 2003 and she knew what difference a care giver can bring into a senior’s life. After understanding the various stages of care that can be provided to suit the desires of a person in the evening of his life, she decided to make a difference to their life by providing the best available placement services in Arizona. To ensure the highest quality standards, she started hiring and training the professionals willing to make a career in this sector. The right amount of technical education provided to a person with a sincere attitude towards serving the old people evolves some most caring and prompt care givers.

Whatever placement facilities a senior opts through Elite Senior Services, they need not pay for the services offered by this organization. Moreover, a senior care specialist is assigned to them who is accessible any time they like and can even help them analyze what placement facility will be the best fit for them. The selection of placement facility is done by understanding the parameters of the senior in terms of health condition, concerns, need for the facility, cost of the facility, services provided, location, type of accommodation, food quality, activities and involvements, medical facilities included and overall environment of the desired community.

With all these factors, an analysis is done by Elite Senior Service team to shortlist what all facility providers qualify for the same and who can be the best fit on the specified criteria. The senior care specialist further conveys these outcomes to the prospect and helps him decide and prepares for the same. However, the duty of a specialist is not over after the senior subscribes to a placement service; as he keeps visiting them occasionally to know about their satisfaction index or if any kind of change is desired.

To initiate the process, anybody who is willing to get the placement services for one’s own needs or for one’s relatives, one simply need to call their office at 602-348-2710 or send an email to [email protected] One can also visit the website of Elite Senior Services and fill the contact form to receive a call from the organization. The team chosen and trained by Medinger is really doing an excellent job by spreading comfort and adding smiles to the lives of those who might have lost the love of life without them.